The great Easter egg debacle!

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Easter is almost upon us and for the first time in ages we are going away for the weekend. This prospect would usually fill me with delight, despite needing pack so many things it’s like we’re moving house, but this time I’m a little worried. How does one transport Easter eggs without the small children seeing them? I’m in Perth, Australia, and while it’s meant to be Autumn we’re still having 35 degree C days. So I need to hide them and stop them melting.

I could buy eggs while we’re away but last year Easter eggs sold out everywhere, BEFORE Easter. It was the year known as “THE GREAT EASTER EGG DEBACLE”. You probably heard the screams from here.

If I leave it any later to buy, I imagine one lonely Easter egg waiting on the shelf and having to scramble and push other parents out of the way by whatever means possible. Of course in my vision, it’d be in slow mo, so you’d see the fire in my eyes, and my mouth a perfect O while I keep my eye on the prize. I’d get that last egg, of course I would, because it’s my fictional vision, but then what? When you have twins, one egg isn’t going to cut it.

I did try to make Easter eggs. I had this idea that they’d be glossy and snap with that perfect crack that showed you’d tempered the chocolate exactly at the right temperature. I’d wrap them with gorgeous ribbons, it’d all be SO EASY. I even said, “Why doesn’t everyone make their own eggs? It seems so SIMPLE?”

eggFamous last words. My thermometre didn’t work, well I also didn’t use it, because I figured melted was melted. My kids ran off with the moulds, there was chocolate from one end of the house to the other…it was a long day. When we did eventually pour the tempered chocolate in the moulds and let it set, it then chose not to come out of said moulds.

With much silent cursing, and a vow to never attempt tempering anything again except my anger, I poured myself a glass of wine, and tried not to add up the cost of the amount of chocolate we’d used. Three days later, I opened the fridge and the mould jumped out at me almost like it was trying to prove a point. The half shell came free and I have photographic evidence of six hours worth of good intentions.

So what do I do? Hope there are eggs, while we’re away? Smuggle the chocolate in the car, somehow fitting an huge esky in with our kitchen sink, our eight suitcases and plethora of books, and shoes? Or hope the kids don’t notice the Easter bunny swapped eggs for PJ’s? I mean, PJ’s are cool, right?

I wish you all a safe and happy Easter and hope your eggs are well, at least a little glossy 🙂 xxx


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