Fifty Shades of Lycra!


From my last post you’ll know that the sugar-free revolution didn’t work for me – so in my quest to achieve fitness,  I’ve taken another route, literally. I’m riding high with my new friend Ruby. A photo of this lovely lady is posted above.

Due to a dodgy back, I’m taking things easy and do just 15 minutes a day. Husband joined me last week with his cycling App. Apparently, each trip, I’m doing 2 miles in 14 minutes at 8 miles an hour. Ahem – okay, I know I’m not competition for Victoria Pendleton yet!

But it’s a start for a writer who hasn’t moved her butt for nigh on six months. And what an eye-opener this experience has already been. I’ve had a wee peek into the world of cycling and now realize why it is such a popular sport. Forget S&M, just get yourself down to your local Halford’s cycling shop!

Feel the tight lycra trousers and the bondage-style fingerless gloves… Admire the sexy selection of elasticated shades. As for the choice of seats, there are various styles I’d compare to big pants or thongs! The latter look eye-wateringly uncomfortable and I’m happy to say Ruby’s seat is ample. Plus you’ll find spare chains and baskets… Need I go on?

There are some hot guys on the road, as well, who’ll smile whilst zooming past. Not that I’m looking, with my very own Bradley Wiggins at home.  So, why not treat yourselves to a bike like I have? I’d forgotten how liberating it feels to whoosh along the street, the wind lifting my hair. Er well, almost – I have to wear this stupid-looking hat. But for once, vanity is out the window and common sense has prevailed.

Right, I’m off to saddle up. Mmm. Fifty shades of lycra… Perhaps an added incentive to ride might be to rename my bike Christian Grey… 🙂







2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Lycra!

  1. Yes – what a good title for a blog post ’50 shades of lycra’. I’m sure there would be close to that. Look forward to seeing more posts.

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