Find out who I have a long-time love affair with…

I’m fickle. There. I’ve said it. I’m one of those people that zoom from one hobby to the next breaking the land speed record like Anthony Hopkins in ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’. One minute I’ll be planning a complete repaint of our house — I’ll have colour charts, and a Pinterest board, and then the next minute…my enthusiasm has waned and I’m onto the next project…lose ten kilos on some wacky shake diet.

It’s only been recently that I’ve noticed this about myself. Quite shockingly, I’m a NON-FINISHER. My family and friends have bandied about odd terms for me all my life, about this need to try new things, and then get bored and move onto the next thing without so much as a backward glance, but I’d never listened to them. And who cares anyway if only one wall is painted in the latest rust-look effect? I’ll get to the rest of the walls, eventually. (Read: Never)

But…I do have one saving grace. Without fail, one thing that will never be a fad for me is reading. Phew.  To me reading is more than a hobby. It’s a way of life. Recently our family went through a really tough time. Reading then became more than a pursuit of relaxation – it became a way to cope. At night in bed when my mind was buzzing with worry, I’d read, and it helped. It helped by allowing me to switch off for a while, and regroup,and eventually sleep, ready to face another day.

The books I read over that time seem like friends. They’ll always be special to me because they mark that time in my life when things were up in the air. And they helped me for those few hours each night.

Reading is like a balm for your soul when you most need it. And I thank my lucky stars that when life doesn’t go according to plan I know I’ll find comfort in books. When the unimaginable happens, and you can turn to reading like the most stalwart friend, well…what’s not to love about that?

I might be fickle, but I have a long term love affair with books that will never end.

What does reading mean to you?



5 thoughts on “Find out who I have a long-time love affair with…

  1. Books mean the world to me, in a very literal way. I grew up in a time before the internet, when TV was new and only fairly wealthy people had them. Our only holidays were staying on family farms. My only contact with the wider world was via books.

    The year I turned 8, my parents couldn’t afford a present, and it coincided with the age the council library allowed kids to have their own library card, separate from their parents. Mum made a big deal of taking me to the library to register and get my own card. She gave permission for me to choose books from the adult section (I already had a reading age of 18), although she confiscated “Peyton Place”, which was considered scandalous and shocking back then. It remains the best birthday present I’ve ever had.

    It was the start of something grand. I was reading Tolstoy and Steinbeck at the same time as the labels on my first bra. I learned there was more to life than leaving school at 15, and working in a factory until marrying young. I did those things but also so much more. I became the first and only one in my large family to (eventually) go to university and to travel and even emigrate. That library card was my ticket to a bigger life. One that includes Rebecca Raisin dedicating one of her books to me. I’m very proud of that achievement. 🙂

    1. Julie, that is amazing! You need to write that into a story! How vividly you painted that memory! And thank you, I wouldn’t have been able to write that book without your help, so it is more ours than mine. xxx

  2. Reading is escaping from the real world, down the proverbial rabbit hole, into imagination. Fantasy is my genre of choice when I want to not think about my own life for a few hours.

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