For the love of … books

So you might be noticing a theme with my posts of late…I happen to love reading as much as anything else in my life. And what better addiction to have than the love of a good book?

As I posted about recently reading can be more than a hobby, it can be a friend when you most need one. So. I took matters into my own hands recently and asked the ‘tradie’ hubby to build me a library. So what, you might think, if he can build stuff, great. Well, herein lies the catch. The room I wanted him to build it in is his one-day-gonna-be-the-best-theatre-room-ever…room.

You know guys with their 486cm T.V screens, with their ginormous speakers, and blue-rope lighting? Not to mention the theatre lounges with built in drink holders and recliners that lean so far back they’re almost in a different country… well that. That’s how Mr Tradie always pictured our theatre room to be. Except it wasn’t. It was full of boxes of toys, and a T.V that didn’t actually work, but hung on the wall like some kind of hopeful reminder of what might be.

So when I put it to him, and he readily agreed, I nearly fell off my chair. (A non-reclining chair, I might add)

We’re now a few steps in to the process, and I am beyond excited about a home for all of my lovely books. (See the photo – looks more like something out of a Godfather movie at the moment) But even more exciting is the fact my little boys are thrilled at the prospect. They’ve picked a shelf for their ever growing book collection, and have decided on what colour chairs they’ll have. And to me, there’s nothing in the world more important than that. If we can foster a love of reading in six year olds, then they’ll never be lonely, they’ll never be bored, they’ll learn every day for the rest of their lives, simply by picking up a book, and reading.

And that is priceless.

Library 2


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