Discovering the Kindle – a guest post by Karen Aldous

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Karen Aldous, a fellow Carina UK author who has kindly agreed to do a guest post for Pink Ink! I first ‘met’ Karen on twitter after reading her debut book The Vineyard. As you may know I’m a sucker for anything French, and Karen’s gorgeous book is set in Cannes and the UK. I devoured her book in almost a sitting and then had an overwhelming urge to visit the places mentioned in the book – and I don’t mean just a ‘oh I’d love to go there’ I mean, I began looking for flights kind of urge. So strong was the need to travel that I managed to convince everyone I needed to, to satiate this wanderlust, and now we are heading overseas next March! So I guess I owe Karen a huge thank you for beginning the journey that will now see me able to meet my publishers and all my UK friends! I’ll let Karen take over now and talk about all things Kindle!

Karen Aldous – Discovering the Kindle!

As an avid read, in my eyes a book is to be worshipped! You hold it, you feel its smooth edges contrast with the sharper, you smell it, admire the cover and then, you devour it, Yes!! You taste all the flavours within it. You savour it for all it’s worth until you get to that final page and, yes, you place it in its file or pile on the shelf for protection. It’s guarded by the other books whilst you’re off to the bookshop for another. BUT, the book you want is out of stock, oh no! You can’t go out of the shop empty-handed. So, time permitting, you find another. Not what you had in mind but, you have to get to work or, the children are now bored and running rings around you and, sour faces are tutting!
And, another scenario. A couple of years ago, hubby and I drove to our friends in Switzerland to ski. They spend the season there. Book in my bag, I finished before we arrived! My others were in the boot so we stopped, couldn’t find them. Whoops, I’d left them (the two wouldn’t fit in my bag) on the hall table ready to be picked up! When we arrived, my friend and I as usual discussed our books, oh, she said I’ve just read this lovely book, Ship of Brides but I can’t lend it to you, it’s on my Kindle.
You have a Kindle? I said horrified. That’s sacrilege, I told her. And more to the point, I couldn’t read it. Well, she continued, I can’t get English-language books here, they would cost a fortune and, the only place likely to sell them is at Geneva airport which is ninety minutes each way! Yes she had a point. She then brought her Kindle out to show me. She demonstrated to me how easy it was to use, a click to download a book within seconds, a click to turn a page, a highlighter for storing quotes, a dictionary to look up words, even a light in her cover to read at night! Yes it was version one but it also had 3G so she didn’t even need her wi-fi. And she pointed out, I not only get the titles I want each time, I can also subscribe and download my Times each morning.
But this must have cost an arm and a leg, I said to her. Ok, she replied, it wasn’t cheap but, I can save on books too, buy books on special offer and store them, I can have as many books as I want on it plus, it saves your page each time either when you drop off or turn it off. And, I save on petrol because I don’t have to drive anywhere to get one.
True! I had to agree. I live in a village so I know how handy that is. So, my reluctance was soon persuaded and, yes you guessed it, I now have a Kindle which my lovely children bought me soon after for Mother’s Day. And, I’m converted, although I love a book now and again, especially when a lovely author has signed one for me, I WORSHIP my Kindle!!! I can honestly say the benefits have lead me to read much more and, save time. It’s been an amazing discovery.
Karen Aldous Amazon Author Page
The Vineyard by Karen Aldous is available on:
Amazon UK


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