Sex, I mean, Six Secrets

The ladies of Pink Ink do a fair bit of talking behind the scenes so it’s inevitable a few confessions are made here and there. I mean, we are writers after all, and have to study things carefully (like men) for research purposes…

Have you got a celebrity crush that you’d never admit to anyone because it wouldn’t fit with your image? We do.

We wake up with a glass of champagne, and eat a few chocolate dipped strawberries before we start our day, bashing out novels under the blazing sun…or do we? One of us has a few night-time rituals that you wouldn’t expect…

We have a groupie in our midst. She tours with famous bands, and follows the mantra what goes on the road stays on the road…well kind of. She makes living a double life an art form, what secrets could she possibly share?

Another one of us has had a little help, cosmetically, until it all went horribly wrong. What was it?

Stay Tuned for our upcoming six secrets posts.

Are you a secret keeper?

Or do you care to share?


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