Six Secrets from author Samantha Tonge!



Right…As one of the Pink Ink team, I’m going to kick off our new Six Secrets feature – hope I don’t regret it! Here are six things that very few people know about me… And for the racier ones, read my concluding paragraph 🙂 *sigh* So many to choose from (is that a good thing?)

1                       Just before hurrying to go on holiday once, I lost something essential, and pulled out the contents of every drawer and cupboard during the search. This resulted in a variety of personal items, including load of feminine hygiene products, being scattered across the floor. Whilst away, the house was burgled. Our lovely retired neighbours dealt with the incident. On our return they shook their heads and told us it was TERRIBLE what a mess the burglars had made. Oh, really? Cue *innocent face*.


2                       At nursery school, my daughter and her class were learning numbers and had to write down one, then draw a picture next to it, to represent something they could buy that Mummy would really like. The children chose things like 5 roses or 8 chocolates… Except my daughter. Her choice? 20 beer bottles.


3                       To get out of a date, once, I conducted a whole phonecall holding my nose, pretending to the guy that I had a REALLY BAD cold. It worked.


4                       Whilst at university, I applied to a scheme which offered ten students the chance to work for an international bank in London, for the summer. To my amazement, I was picked. One day it was my job to transfer one million pounds between two accounts. Somehow *innocent face again* the money ended up in the wrong place. This mistake was not discovered until the next day and by then had cost the bank five thousand pounds.


5                        In my twenties, I got together with a particular boyfriend. He ran a lot and trained me – slowly I built up from ten minutes a day, to one hour, to running twenty miles a week. I bought a cool pair of new trainers and we did the Great North Run together. I moved in with him after six months, we got engaged after twelve. Then we married. Subsequently I recalled a message I’d received a couple of years earlier, from the spirit world, via a relative who attended a spiritualist church. It had said that a pair of trainers would prove very important.


6                       Even though I have blackout curtains, sunlight still creeps around the corners. So I often sleep with a sock balanced across my eyes, as an eye mask is too tight. Plus I wear earplugs. I wonder if my husband still finds me an attractive prospect.


So there you have it. It was hard to choose just six, having plenty of secrets to choose from which, over the years,  have provided me with great material for my short stories. I had to leave out the hilarious skinny-dipping episode, the time I urinated somewhere I shouldn’t, plus how a photographer almost persuaded me to pose topless and the night I was mistaken for a prostitute. Plus yay! I haven’t even revealed my embarrassing celebrity crush! What’s that? *sigh*. The Pink Ladies say that I promised. Okay, okay… Whadda you mean, I’m far too old to like Zac Efron?



4 thoughts on “Six Secrets from author Samantha Tonge!

  1. LOLOL a sock? Over your eyes? Really? (snorts) Sorry, I will never be able to see your name again without thinking of this. New nickname: Sammie Sox 😀

  2. I have the same problem with blackout curtains! I wear an eye mask and ear plugs too. To add to that, I have a bite guard for TMJ. I’m a hot mess in bed.

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