My six secrets revealed…

So it’s my turn today on the Pink Ink blog to reveal my six secrets…I hope you can still look at me the same after!

1. I’m a non-identical twin however my sister and I were always in the same classes. At high school I struggled with maths and she struggled with English. Luckily for us, we both excelled at the opposite. She’d do my maths homework and I’d do her English. When I was fifteen I moved to Perth to live with my Dad. I was immediately enrolled in the Academic excellence class for maths. Oh it was woeful! What were these mysterious codes about? It took about twenty minutes before I was moved down, way way down, to another class for more simple maths! As you can imagine I am a HUGE fan of the CALCULATOR!

2. When I turned thirty I had this idea I’d get Botox every six months or so. I did. A few times. Then the last time, say a year ago, I had what we’ll refer to as The Great Botox Debacle! My regular Botox doctor wasn’t there anymore so I saw another doctor. She injected me with probably about four years worth of Botox. I could not move my forehead at all! Not even a tiny bit. My eyelids took on a puffy appearance. People stopped to ask me, “Are you OK? Have you been crying?” NO I HAVEN’T BEEN! I’ve been over-botoxed! There was nothing to do except wait for three months for it to settle! Of course, I’m never having Botox again!

3. Following on from tradition from my sister-in-law when the ice cream van approaches our street belting out the slightly warbling rendition of Greensleeves, we tell our kids if the music is on it means he’s out of ice cream. Evil I know.

4. I’m allergic to exercise. Really. I have a condition that makes me react to heat. I take anti-histamines to help this, and I used to be able to exercise but after falling off the gym bandwagon in favour of chocolate and wine wagon – I had a small issue when I returned. I decided after a hideous clothes-trying-on-experience I was going to hit the gym and get back to my healthy self. It was the first hot day in ages, I decided I’d try and run for thirty minutes like I used to be able to do. After twenty minutes, I thought I was going to die. My tongue felt a little strange, but no way was I stopping, I’m determined like that. Five minutes later, my lips felt a little thick. Eventually thirty minutes buzzed. Phew done! Went home in the hot car, and felt a little strange, quite sick, and extremely itchy. Took some more anti-histamines which I couldn’t swallow. Panicked! Drove to the doctor around the corner and went to speak and found I couldn’t. I went into anaphylactic shock! The doctor dosed me up with a range of drugs and called an ambulance. I am a little iffy to return to the gym!

5. I believe in ghosts or spirits, or whatever you want to call it. Ash and I moved into his Grandmas house not long after she died. Weird things happened. We were downstairs unpacking and the old Bang and Olufsen radio was upstairs. We had it on a radio station younger people favoured. Mid song the radio switched to a classic radio station. Ash and I stared at each other and knew it was his grandma! The lights flickered a lot, and the fan would randomly start. After three or four days this stopped. It was an amazing feeling that she was there in spirit for a while.

6. I’m a crier. A huge Crier. I can barely watch anything sweet or heartfelt without sobbing. From ads on TV to The Voice, to books, anything! When people do nice things, or say something sweet about me. You can imagine when I read The fault in our stars, well, I looked like I’d been around the ring with Lennox Lewis the next day. The mum’s at school asked if I’d had another reaction to exercise. I had to say no! That book killed me!


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