Six Secrets with… Author Julie Ryan!

JR secrets

Where to begin? I’m on Twitter and Facebook so often that I don’t think I have any secrets left? Anyway, scratches head, here goes:


  1. I love music and singing but unfortunately I don’t have any musical ability. I know this because when I was about ten, I was a member of a choir. It was fine until it came to my turn to rehearse a solo. The choirmaster took one look at me and politely asked me not to return. I’ve lived with that ever since and now I only sing when I’m in the shower or alone in the car. Believe me, I wouldn’t inflict my voice on anyone. I do play the piano and recorder though – both badly!


  1. I am terrible with faces. I once went up to a cleaner at the school where I’d just started teaching thinking she was the Head! Then there’s the time in France when a nice young man I’d met at a disco invited me out. His car pulled up and I got in only to be met by a blank stare. It was a totally different guy who was completely at a loss as to why some English girl was sitting in his car. I beat a hasty retreat and never did find out if the right guy turned up. I suspect he didn’t.


  1. I have a phobia about insects ever since a boy at school said he’d dropped a locust down my back when we were doing biology. I screamed the place down and got into a heap of trouble whilst the horrid boy got off. As a result I dropped biology as soon as I could. Now I try to be ‘brave’ in front of my seven year old but unfortunately I think he’s already picked up on it. If anything he’s worse than me. He can’t even cope with flies! My phobia also extends to snakes, spiders, bats and anything else slithery or creepy crawly.


  1. I have a secret hankering to be an actress. I am a member of our local amateur dramatic group, which provides an outlet for my creative side. Our annual pantomime is great fun. Last year I played Sleeping beauty’s mother. My secret ambition is to appear in ‘Coronation Street.’ I would love the experience even if it were just as an extra.


  1. My husband is convinced that I’m trying to poison him! I love my garden and my plants and herbs so one day when we had no mint sauce I thought I’d make my own. I picked some fresh mint, chopped it really finely and added some sugar and vinegar and sat back proud of my achievement until my husband tasted it. I hadn’t used mint at all – or at least not the kind of mint that you can make mint sauce from. Now I stick to the bottled variety.


  1. I am a complete chocoholic! It’s impossible to have chocolate in the house as I found out at Easter. I’d managed to go cold turkey since Christmas but Easter was my undoing. I ate all my son’s Easter eggs and then felt so guilty I went to the supermarket to replace them. By the time he got home from school there was only one left. Luckily he doesn’t seem to have inherited my sweet tooth.

Julie Ryans’s mystery women’s fiction novel, Sophia’s Secret, is out on July 14th


Here’s the blurb!

This is the second book in the Greek Island Mystery series. Although each book is intended to be read as a standalone, some of the characters from the first book, ‘Jennas’s Journey’, do make an appearance.
Kat has never understood why she was sent at the age of seven from Greece to live in England with her Aunt Tigi. When she receives an email from her grandmother, the first contact in over twenty years, informing her of her mother’s death, she knows this could be her last chance to find out the truth. Little by little she finds out the shocking facts as her grandmother opens her heart. It seems everyone has a secret to tell, not only her grandmother, as Manoli, her school friend, also harbours a guilty secret. Then there’s a twenty year old mystery to solve as well as a murder and what happened to the missing Church treasure?


Julie Ryan was born in a small mining village in South Yorkshire. Not venturing too far from home, she studied French Language and Literature at HullUniversity, where she also trained as a teacher. Then the wanderlust kicked in and she lived and worked in France, Poland, Thailand and Greece. This broadening of the mind has had an enormous impact on her writing. She now lives in rural Gloucestershire with her husband, son and dippy cat with half a tail. ‘Jenna’s Journey’ is her first novel and is set in Greece, a country to which she has a strong attachment.

You can catch up with Julie via her blog at

or via Twitter @julieryan18

or Facebook


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