I do…!



Tomorrow, 24th July, is a big day for me. Set in the summer, an event is taking place, attended by my family and friends… Okay. So it’s not a wedding, but the launch of my second novel From Paris with Love. However the release of a book is not dissimilar to the joining of a bride and bridegroom.

I’ve done all the ground work, writing the chapters, revising and editing, which I’d compare to a couple’s courtship – all those snogging sessions and getting-to-know-you trips. It doesn’t take long for me to fall in love with a new project, once I’ve decided on one. Then I’m in deep, for the long run, being rather secretive about it in the beginning.

 Eventually I will introduce it to my agent and editor – a bit like taking a new boyfriend/girlfriend hope to the parents. The “engagement” equals getting your definite publishing date and title! Then it’s all hands to the pumps as you send out invitations and organise the party, get in caterers… Of course, my launch will involve lots of virtual drink and snacks. Plus there will be real competition prizes and lots of chat. Then there’s the amazing outfit to buy – I’d compare that to getting your book’s cover!

Finally the big day arrives and you are a bag of nerves. Have I been wrong in thinking this book stands a chance? Reassurances from family and fellow writerly people will convince me the day will be a success. The launch (hopefully!) will fly by, with a whirl of champagne glasses and laughter.

So why not join me tomorrow, between 11am and 2pm, to see me say “I do”? I do believe in my book. I do love it to bits. I do hope readers enjoy it as much as I loved the writing. And I do know, from tomorrow onwards, I will become obsessed with chart rankings and reviews!

I just hope From Paris with Love can cope with me switching my attentions to my Christmas release, come November!


From Paris with Love is the standalone sequel to my bestselling debut, Doubting Abbey, and can be preordered in the UK and US !










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