What is Karen Aldous hiding? Read her Six Secrets!

Please welcome the lovely Karen Aldous to the Pink Ink blog today to share her deepest darkest secrets! Take it away, Karen! version3 RNA (2)

My six secrets – Karen Aldous
Very topical at the moment with all the recent storms – I have a fear of lightening – No idea why! The thunder doesn’t bother me but I’m absolutely terrified of the lightening and being struck by it! It might have something to do with a field Geography trip at school! But, during the storm recently, I was at my son’s house trying to eat an Indian takeaway and I couldn’t use my knife and fork because they were metal! I ate the whole meal, Chicken Shashlick and salad, with my fingers!!
I used to play the trumpet – When I was nine I could join a troop of local majorettes – they were part of a local marching band – I had a little white skirt, shirt and a red tunic and a white fluffy hat with a red feather and we used to do carnivals and fetes, competitions, etc. I then joined the band and was asked to play the trumpet. Then I joined another, bigger band which was great fun, I mean we had to practice twice or, three times a week in the summer plus, virtually every Saturday we travelled around the country to other carnivals and band contest. I made some good friends and, we even entertained in Belgium and Germany several times. I was one of the six fanfare trumpeters who also played the three-valve! I don’t know if I could even blow one now!!
I love my feet being massaged – yes rather an embarrassing thing to admit to! I would have reflexology every day of the week or a Thai massage if I could! I did have one once on a beach in Greece! Anyway, in need, I stick them on hubby’s lap when he’s watching tv – and hope!!
I adore 70’s music – From David Bowie’s The Man Who sold the World to Bay City Rollers Bye, Bye Baby, Donny Osmond’s Puppy Love, and the songs from Grease the musical. Because I love to dance, those seventies disco sounds like Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean I think are still so much fun!
I have a passion for beetroot – mmm, yummy! My love affair with this vegetable began when I was young. We used to go on holiday to Croyde Bay in North Devon. We used to walk round Baggy Point, a headland coastal path, and on the way back, there was a sign on one of the cottages saying ‘Freshly cooked beetroot’ and oh, my, it was so delicious!! We had to go back every day for more!
I have a secret place – ‘Karen’s World’ my friends call it! I can drift off into my imaginary world even when I’m in company. That sounds awful doesn’t it? And, it’s obviously where I go to write and return to my characters. Luckily, I have real friends who are very forgiving and who I treasure very much! I do try to save my mind drifting for when I’m taking my golden lab for his walk. Strolling in peaceful countryside for an hour really does re-energise my body and reorganise my thoughts!


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