Six Secrets: The sexy Kiereny Scott…

When we decided that we would be opening the door for other authors to come on the blog and spill the beans for our Six Secrets feature, I know immediately that I wanted my girl crush/fellow Carina UK author Kierney Scott to get involved.

Well, Kierney certainly didn’t disappoint! Here they are…

1. I was once detained by Immigration. In my defense, I had no idea I was an illegal immigrant; I am just exceptionally disorganized and bad at paperwork. Funnily enough, the Home Office does not consider this a defense and I spent the day in detention at Heathrow. I was let go after several hours and a very stern talking to. The other detainees weren’t so lucky and were sent back to their home countries. I must say, I found my time in detention very civilized, they brought in sandwiches and a tea trolley every few hours; Guantanamo Bay it was not.
2. I am scared of fires and open flames. When I was three, one of my cousins pushed me into a fire. I burned my arm quite badly. Since then I have been scared of fire. Luckily I only have a tiny wee scar thanks to the wonders of Aloe Vera.
3. I like to pretend I speak Spanish. I took Spanish for four years, always got the highest marks but I cannot speak it to save my life. I managed to get A’s all the way through because all the exams were written. Apparently I mumble when I speak Spanish. I didn’t realize this until my best friend, who is Guatemalan, said, “I know what you think you are saying…but you really aren’t saying that.”
4. I keep a good secret. People tell me things: gay affairs, criminal records, impotence… People just tell me things, probably because I am not judgmental, and because I don’t tell anyone except my husband. And he is a vault.
5. I hate snarky. Snarky is just another name for mean and I am not down with that. Kindness is so underrated. I am all for assertive and empowered. By all means give your opinion, but be nice about it.
6. I have a deep and abiding love for peanut butter. This isn’t a secret. Anyone who has been to my house knows this. What they might not know is that I try to include peanut butter in all of my books. It is my way of thanking the Universe for the most delicious and versatile food ever.


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