My Life in Coats!


I’m not much of a clothes horse and never really had an interest in fashion – but I love coats and buy at least one new every year, usually for the autumn. My thinking was, when the children were little, that I could look like a dogs dinner for the school run underneath, as long as I wore a smart coat on top! And even nowadays, my style is strictly casual, yet it’s amazing what a difference a well-tailored jacket can make.

When my kids were tiny, I put comfort above style, though, and wore a BRIGHT YELLOW hooded anorak. Hmm! But it was practical, especially when caught out in the rain, pushing the buggy, and didn’t show stains like spilt orange juice. Then I began the school run and purchased the red tweed coat in the photo. Tweed had made a come-back and I particularly liked this one from Per Una, as the buttons don’t match and are different designs all the way down. It made me feel presentable at half-past eight in the morning, standing in the playground, chatting to all the other parents.

The little suede bomber jacket next to it was similar to one Victoria Beckham wore, at the time, and accomplished the great feat of making me, a mum of two, feel more like a woman. I’d wear it for outings at weekends and it always made me feel sexy and vibrant.  Then later, I bought a similar styled one but made out of cream faux fur, and this always fitted snugly around my jeans and was great in winter.

Lately, my coats have got slightly longer, as I’ve filled out due to hours sitting at my desk, writing, and need something to disguise my writer’s bottom! Plus I’m back to the vibrant colours, having bought a lovely lime green anorak.

I have a wide collection in my wardrobe, to choose from depending on my mood. There’s a twenty year old faux black leather jacket that still looks great with tight  leggings and high shoes. I particularly love a floor length, camel hooded coat that’s brill in Arctic weather.

So what’s your go-to product to make you feel perkier? Handbags? Shoes? Scarves?


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