Spirited talk with Author David Shaw!

In Mistletoe Mansion, my new romantic comedy Christmas novel, there is a supposed spirit causing night-time shenanigans, and housesitter Kimmy has to find out what he wants… I have always been curious about the spiritual world, and am lucky enough to know fellow Carina author David Shaw – who is also established as a well-known “Spirit Counsellor”… So as someone with an open mind, I couldn’t resist asking him a few questions. David’s fab new book Ghost Writers is out on the 16th December.


david shaw

Question 1: When did you first realize you connected with a different world?

I first thought I had a connection to the spirit world when I used to wake up in the middle of the night and see a very large Mohawk Indian sitting at the end of my bed. This began when I was about six or seven years old.

Question 2: I’ve had experience of receiving messages from the dead, and sometimes they seem a bit random or bizarre – why do you think this is?
Messages sometimes seem rather bizarre or trivial as spirit people communicate at a far faster rate than we do, so sometimes we only pick up part of the message and often it is misinterpreted.

Question 3: What would you say to cynics?
I usually say to cynics that they are right to be cynical. Unless they receive proof of the afterlife then they should retain the right to believe whatever they choose. One day their perception will change – mine did!

Question 4: Why do you think that some spirits supposedly hang around to connect with the living, whilst others move on?
The main reason that spirits hang around after passing over is that their loved one left behind cannot handle their grief. This is where mediumship comes into the fore and nothing else will ever have the same effect. Once a connection is made then the spirit person can move on knowing that the healing process has begun.

Question 5: What is the strongest spiritual experience you have had?
The most powerful spiritual experience that I have had was when I connected with a young man who had died in a car crash. His family had been told by police that the young man was at fault for his own death and that of his fellow passenger. However, it transpired that he wasn’t to blame and there was someone else involved who was to blame for the tragedy. After the reading this family could finally mourn the loss of their son in a more positive manner.

david shaw photo

In this life-affirming book, author David Shaw explores ten major themes that affect us all – and offers a unique way to engage with them.

Whether it’s fear or forgiveness, credence or clarity, materialism or acceptance, Shaw gives us the benefit of ten spiritual authors who pen their intriguing and stimulating words through him as modern parables.
In doing so they offer us a steadying rudder in the choppy, often violent, sea of life’s cruelties and uncertainties.
Presenting an engaging and fascinating blend of fiction and nonfiction, Ghost Writers presents in a non-stuffy style information whose light-hearted humour belies its powerful emotional punch.
So sit back, relax and share David’s absorbing, gripping and spellbinding journey of a lifetime – and beyond.

David Shaw lives in Ayrshire with his wife, son, Labrador and a houseful of ghosts. When he is not writing books and magazine articles, David works as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Reiki healer. But his biggest passion is working with his spirit guides and connecting this world with the spirit dimension. His only real aspiration is to be accepted as an Average Joe, oh, and to maybe see his favourite football team, Kilmarnock, actually win a game!
You can follow David on Facebook.com/spiritcounsellor & Twitter @sp_counsellor




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