Let’s Talk Weddings!

The 23rd January sees yet another fabulous book published from the amazing Katie Oliver! I’m a huge fan of her lighthearted, humorous fiction. This book is called “And the Bride Wore Prada” which suggests to me it contains all the best ingredients of fun chicklit. And just look at this GORGE cover!


So, Katie, talk to us about weddings….!


Your favourite thing about weddings?

Well, aside from (a) champagne and (b) cake, the thing I like best about weddings is that moment when the couple finally makes their vows.  It doesn’t matter how many times I hear those words exchanged, or how young or old the couple is, or how many weddings I’ve attended over the years; the mutual pledging of love and fidelity is a beautiful and touching thing and always makes my eyes a bit watery. (Okay, a lot watery.)

Fantasy groom (apart from your husband)

Well, the obvious answer would have to be David Gandy, wouldn’t it? But I think realistically, and for the long term, I’d want to marry someone with a sense of humor, a sense of decency, a sense of right and wrong, and enough sense to let me be right most of the time.  In other words…I’d marry Mr Oliver all over again. (In fact, we met at a friend’s wedding – he was an usher and I was a bridesmaid. Is that romantic, or what?)

Bridezilla or minimalist?

Oh, minimalist, definitely.  I’ve been to so many weddings where the bride wore a wedding gown more ornate than Princess Diana’s, or the venue chosen for the event was romantic but impractical …like the beach, where I watched as the couple took their vows beside the sea, an attentive look plastered on my face as my heels sank ever deeper into the sand…never mind trying to stagger back up the dunes afterwards.  I still have sand in those shoes.

Ideal wedding breakfast menu?

Champagne Mimosas, eggs Béarnaise, coffee (and more coffee), and a basket full of croissants with a jar of raspberry jam.

Fantasy guest to play music?

Bruno Mars.  He’d play nothing but “Uptown Funk” all evening long, and we’d all drink, and sing along, and dance ourselves silly.


And here’s Katie talking wedding gowns…

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day and imagines the dress she’ll wear. Most of the over-the-top, frothy creations of the past are gone, thankfully replaced by simpler, more elegant styles. But for those who want them, there are still gowns that offer crinolines and full skirts, lengthy trains or acres of ruffles and lace. 

Some wedding gowns are handed down from mother to daughter. Vintage gowns, like the Ossie Clark chiffon halter dress worn by Penelope Campbell in my new book, And the Bride Wore Prada, are coveted for their workmanship and bespoke cachet. Most of us make do with an off-the-rack gown from our favorite department store. 

But Gemma Astley wants none of that. 

She’s marrying Dominic Heath, a rock star, after all.  Money is no object…not when Dom’s black AmEx card is readily available, that is. Gemma’s set her heart on a Prada gown, and nothing else will do.

She blithely orders her dress online and has it shipped to Northton Grange, Dominic’s Scottish estate in the Highlands. But circumstances (and a blizzard) land her and her fiancé at Draemar Castle instead. 

With the wedding mere days away, and another blizzard in the forecast, Gemma must scramble to relocate her wedding to the castle.  But with no staff at Dominic’s estate and the roads all but impassible, how will she get her hands on that precious Prada gown? 

More worryingly, will her beastly Brideasaurus behavior leave her without a bridegroom, as well? 

But where love (and Prada) are concerned, Gemma will always find a way…


Ooh, sounds like a great story – here’s the blurb and links… Let’s hope this book is as successful as your others, Katie! Best of luck!


What could be more romantic than Christmas in the Scottish highlands? 

The first book in the Marrying Mr Darcy series, “And the Bride Wore Prada,” finds Natalie and Rhys Gordon headed to Scotland to spend the holidays with Tarquin Campell and his wife Wren. A mix-up at the Inverness airport leads Natalie to offer a ride to stranded rock star Dominic Heath and his fiancé, Gemma.  A blizzard soon makes the roads impassable, and the foursome barely make it to Draemar Castle. 

When tabloid reporter Helen Thomas’s car slides off the road, she seeks shelter at the castle as well. She’s after an exclusive story on Dominic and Gemma’s not-so-secret upcoming wedding. But Helen finds a bigger story when she discovers Tarquin’s brother, Andrew, drowned years before. His body was never found. Is it possible he’s still alive? Her investigation yields more questions than answers. 

Could Colm MacKenzie, the gruff groundskeeper with more than a passing resemblance to the Campbell family, be the missing piece to the puzzle?  

Natalie and Rhys are recently married and blissfully happy…until Nat receives unexpected news that changes everything. Hurt by Rhys’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction, she wonders if their sparkling new marriage is over before it’s even begun…


Website: http://www.katieoliver.com

Blog:  http://katieoliver.com/ko/?page_id=27

Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/KatieOliverWriter

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/katieoliver01/

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/katieoliver

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7565829.Katie_Oliver

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@katieoliver01



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