Six Secrets with Author Gia Stone!


Thank you to the lovely Pink Ink Ladies for allowing me to share Six Secrets with you. Here they are:

  1. My first sexy encounter was outside in a floral garden. The guy I was with was wearing a long trench coat (it was the style). He took it off and placed it on the ground. We were a little bit away from the walking path and spread out amongst the flowers. It was very romantic and exciting as we were outdoors. I could hear people walking by but, I think we were enough out of plain sight.
  2. I can’t drink screwdrivers, because they make me nauseated.
  3. Once, after securing another position, I left a job without any real notice. My boss had left for an appointment and I typed up my resignation letter attached a copy of the average salary for my position (I was extremely underpaid) and left the keys on the desk.
  4. I snuck into a wrap party for a major Hollywood movie.
  5. I’ve gone skinny dipping more times than I can count.
  6. I can ride a kneeboard fairly well, but have not been able to stand up and water ski.

About the Author

Gia Stone is a former club promoter that has lost count. She might have been a contestant on The Bachelor, but don’t ask what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. Her dating life has been full of adventures that she never would have imagined or maybe she could…either way it’s been a wild ride. Gia is still on the hunt for her happily ever after, in the meanwhile she enjoys finding ways to create them for her characters.

By day Gia works in an office setting composing marketing campaigns for small businesses. She left the hustle and bustle of New York City, several years ago and has never looked back. The ocean view in front of her is far too picturesque to consider anything else. If her assistant would ever consider women, she would immediately marry him.

Daily runs with her Great Dane Zeus provide her with a moment of Zen to think about her stories. Gia adores tropical locations. Every year she spends her vacation volunteering in the rain forest of Costa Rica. Gia’s favorite quote is “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”

You can find Gia online: or

Here is the blurb:

A lot can happen on the back nine of a golf course, especially if your focus is not on the ball. Alec Marino has been building his clientele list in Cozumel’s most exclusive golf resorts while keeping his private life confidential.

Brooke Carmichael’s life revolves around one thing: her career. Her bed is like a permanent sand trap—depressing and empty. When a business trip leads Brooke to the sunny island where she is ready and willing to learn something new, she decides to take a swing at golf. Some temptations are too delicious to resist and one stroke from Alec sends Brooke’s entire world into a backspin.

Blinded by desire, Alec goes against his own rules and makes Brooke and offer she can’t refuse. As secrets begin to surface, Alec and Brooke must decide if they will let it drive them apart or if mixing work and pleasure will score a hole in one.

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Thanks Gia for visiting Pink Ink and loved the secrets – you certainly are one sassy lady! 


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