One Shade of Red


My eyes ran over the document. All of my hard work was being red inked. Edits. Lots of edits. Was I ready to make these changes? Everything would be so different, would I even recognize my story? I took in a deep breath and my inner conscious whispered to me…read them. What if it helps to make your story better?

But could it? And would it? And what kind of writer would I be if I made all these changes? I bit my lip to stop it from quivering. I had to speak up. I tapped my finger against the paper in front of me.

“What is this?”

Eddie’s eyes met mine. We’d only met once before and now he was trying to change my entire book. Did he really know how to make a story better? Or was I risking it all because of the flashy word underneath his name in Arial Font: Editor.

“Izzy, when you signed the contract…” He let out a tsk and picked up the pen from his desk. It was obvious from the tip, it was red. “You knew there would be changes.”

My stomach plummeted to the floor. I did know that…but this was so different and completely out of my comfort zone. I had no idea that edits would be so drastic and painful.

I took in a deep breath. “Yes, but these are…” I bit my lip. “So different…I feel like this isn’t the same story anymore. The book, I wrote had several conflicts, whereas this one is very restricted.”

“Isabella, I told you before I even offered you the contract that I have very singular tastes. Storylines need to have only one arc, so as not to distract the readers.”

Did it have to be this way? Would he be willing to accept my story as is or would I have to make these changes in order to be contracted to him? And the publisher. Is this what had to happen in order to have my book published? Would my words ever be printed? My insides twisted and turned. The uncertainty of what it meant to accept his terms, I just didn’t know.

My inner conscious spoke up once more…some risks are worth the reward. Go for it. Something deep inside me tugged at my heart and I nodded. I picked up the papers. All four hundred of them and stood up.

“Fine. I’ll make the changes.”

As my hand grasped the handle of the door. Eddie let out a tsk. “Izzy, remember I’m an editor for a reason.” And his red inked pen landed on his desk with a loud thwack.

Accepting Changes,


Gina Henning writes romance for Carina UK and loves the various shades of red.

Find her books here.


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