Six Secrets With Thriller Author Derek Thompson!

derek 1

This could be like one of those dreadful parties where a guy sees a group of women talking together and decides to amble over…

I think I am that guy – the first male to reveal his six secrets (see, I do my research!). Sam very kindly invited me over when she saw me standing in another corner of the room looking lost. I write thrillers – more on that in a teensy bit – but they have a romantic core. Thomas and Miranda are like David and Maddie from Moonlighting, only it’s Miranda who calls the shots.

Okay, it’s confession time (and some of these may get weird).

  1. I once travelled over 3000 miles to the US, to spend a summer with a woman I fell for in London. Although we talked twice a week for months in between, it was only when I arrived that she told me she had a boyfriend. Well, I say ‘told’; I met him at the breakfast table (I’d slept on a camp bed in the basement) and he was wearing her dressing gown. It’s been included as a scene in a semi autobiographical, transatlantic comedy drama, Scars & Stripes – just in case an agent or a publisher is interested.
  1. Somewhere in California there is a black and white photo of me in a skirt. I doubt I had the knees for it.
  1. I once called a butterfly down, so I could take a picture of it.
  1. I’ve sort of been to my own funeral. During a service the minister turned to my brother’s coffin and said, “And now we bid farewell to Derek…” Some of us thought it was hilarious, the perfect tribute to my late brother’s wonderfully dark sense of humour. I didn’t have the heart to correct the minister. He meant well.
  1. They say that your characters take on lives of their own. When I was writing a magical fantasy, a character appeared in one of my dreams and told me how another character had injured his brother and then insisted I ask him about it. I didn’t know he had a brother – I hadn’t written one in. The experience changed the way I create characters. Most of the plot (as well as the ending) for Standpoint, my first thriller, came from Thomas Bladen on the day we ‘met’.
  1. Line of Sight, the second thriller in the series, has a different ending than my original version. I was out voted by some of the more vocal characters, three to one!

Derek Thompson lives in magical Cornwall with Anne, a fey Scottish lassie. As well as being a freelance writer and novelist, he creates short fiction and comedy material.

derek 2

You can catch up with him here: (A communal blog, where Sam is also a contributor.) 


 A young woman lies dead at an army base. Was it really an accident and was she having an affair with her boss?

Thomas Bladen works in surveillance for a shadowy unit of the British government. When Amy Johanson is killed during a weapons test, Thomas and his partner Karl are determined to get to the bottom of it. They must protect Amy’s friend Jess, the only witness they have, who plays a dangerous game of seduction and lies. Meanwhile, Thomas’s girlfriend Miranda and her family are once again put in the firing line.

Can Thomas get justice for Amy, solve the mystery of Karl’s past, and finally figure out who he can really trust?

Line of Sight – UK

Line of Sight – US


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