His n’ Hers Ideal Romantic Gifts for Valentines – Karen Aldous

I think we can all assume, Valentine’s Day gifts are usually twelve red Roses, a box of scrumptious chocolates followed by a romantic dinner and a bottle of bubbly for two…? But are these passé now?


Hubby and I sat down and discussed this recently and asked one another what five Valentines presents would be ideal gifts for each of us personally. We were surprised at our responses:

This was my list:

·       A good film or box-set we could share by the fireside or see at the cinema

·       A long walk in the country and lunch in a country pub or along a beach

·       A swim and spa treatment together

·       A good book each and to sit by the log fire

·       To go ballroom dancing together








This was hubby’s list:

·       A card with a loving and meaningful message

·       Romantic walk in the countryside

·       A romantic lunch or dinner

·       To visit a romantic location

·       A thoughtful gesture or gift


What was interesting was that neither of us said chocolates or flowers but at the top of each lists we observed, I, the one who doesn’t usually watch TV, thought watching a film or going to the cinema, would be romantic. He on the other hand, who doesn’t write very often, seeks something in writing, a loving and meaningful message.

Actual gifts like a good book (mine), or a thoughtful gesture or gift (his) were, we considered, very personal. The other person would have to take much time and thought to get the right choice for the other.

Doing things we do less frequently nowadays, like ballroom dancing or spa (mine) and his, a visit to a romantic location, was another gift that popped up, and we agreed these choices were interesting because they involved sharing time, energy and having fun together.

Most of the remaining shared similarities. The romantic walk in the countryside or romantic location followed by lunch or dinner were on both lists and we both found these particularly appealing in order to relax, chat and enjoy spending time together.


Try this exercise with your partner and discover what you both share. Not only is it fascinating, but because if there are gifts, like the above, you both agreed on, rather than wasting time and money choosing something neither of you want, you could take it in turns each year and organise something for the both of you to spend time together which would overall be so much more romantic.


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